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Next Level Christian Counseling provides telephone and online counseling for individuals who desire this option.  If you live out of state, or are too far to commute, telephone or online counseling is a viable alternative. If transportation is a problem, or if you just prefer the convenience of receiving counseling from the privacy of your own home, this option is available.  Although in-office counseling is a better choice, telephone counseling is still an effective alternative

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Telephone Counseling & Therapy?


Telephone counseling may seem new and rather awkward at first, but it has actually been around for a very long time in the form of crisis counseling- suicide hotlines among others.  Some even feel more comfortable expressing their feelings over the telephone.  Keep in mind that you do not have to be in a state of crisis to benefit from telephone Therapy.  More and more individuals are finding it easy and much more conveniet, because telephone therapy/counseling fits right into their busy lives.

Dr. Mary Perdue, specializes in
telephone counseling and can  help as an second opinion on psychological matters, depression or anxiety, parenting or care giver issues, while considering , going through, or recovering from divorce, work related concerns, dealing with aging and life transition, and so much more!  With much compassionate and non-judgmental support, Dr. Mary Perdue will help you overcome some of life's most pressing issues so that you can get to the next level in your life.

  •  Dr Mary Perdue, Certified Christian Counselor and Therapy Specialist

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 Prov. 11:14; 24:6 - "in abundance of counselors there is victory"



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