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Understanding Your Temperament

What makes you tick?  Why do you act the way you do? What do you need from others to help you be at your best?  What is YOUR Temperament?
Take the test below to find out.

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What is Temperament?

John T. Cocoris, Th.M., Psy.D.


"Temperament is a cluster of inborn traits that causes you, in part, to do what you do. "  
The four temperaments are represented by four distinct groups of "traits" or tendencies that a person is born with and is a determinant of how that person will act in their most natural state.  The study of temperament is natural, not spiritual.  Understanding your temperament is the first step in understanding yourself.

The Four Temperaments are Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic and Melancholy
Temperament is What a Person is Most of The Time.  It represents the way a person relates to others and responds to events. It is what you have observed and expect someone's behavior to be, most of the time.
Perhaps you have referred to someone as "shy" or "outgoing." Without realizing it you were referring to certain temperament traits. These traits are what you know and expect the person to be every time you are with them. Temperament behavior is, for the most part, predictable.
Temperament is a force within that urges, even drives a person to act in a particular manner.  Temperament is something that requires satisfying. The obvious example is when you are hungry you have a need to be satisfied and to fill the void. So you eat, and when you do you are satisfied, the void is filled and you are no longer hungry. Temperament is that way. It pushes or urges you to behave according to the tendencies that represent your temperament blend.
For example: Some people are natural people-people. They enjoy being with, around, or just standing by others. They like to talk, have fun and be active with others. There is a force within that person that urges them to do this. Ask one with this social bent and they will tell you, "I just want to be around people." Conversely, there are those who are private in nature and they prefer not to be with, around or by others. There is an equal force within them that urges them to avoid contact with others. Both are normal and both have a push inside to actually act according to their natural tendencies. 
Temperament is a need. Everyone, therefore, should provide adequate satisfaction for their "temperament needs" in order to be at their best. For example, Cholerics need to see quick results; Sanguines need to be with people; Phlegmatics need a stable environment; Melancholies need a detailed plan.

Click here to see sample Temperament Profile http://fourtemperaments.com/Sample.pdf 

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