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Are you stuck? Do you sometimes feel like your life is on hold?

                • Are you having marriage difficulties that you and your spouse just can't seem to resolve?
                • Are you overwhelmed with feelings of doubt, anxiety, disappointment, or fear?
                • Do you struggle from lack of direction or purpose, or an inability to move forward?
                • Is there a destiny you want to fulfill but you just can't figure out how?

Whether it is your marriage, or feelings of depression or anxiety, or any of the above. . .


I am Dr. Mary Perdue, a Certified Professional Christian Counselor providing biblically based marriage and personal counseling in Pittsburgh and surrounding regions. With compassionate, non-judgmental support, you will overcome so many of life’s most pressing problems and get to the next level in your life. You will overcome such debilitating problems as depression, guilt, despair, lack of confidence, and more. Using sound Christian based counseling, combined with appropriate behavior modification strategies, I help you resolve marriage problems, arrest long standing counter productive behavior, and move forward in your life. No matter what your next level is, you can get there!

Jesus came that we might have life
And that more abundantly. . .
John 10:10

What's holding you back?

There are many benefits form working with Next Level Christian Counseling

You will have a person of faith who understands your circumstances, will listen to your concerns, will provide fresh insights into your situation, and will point you towards a resolution. You will receive counseling that will encourage your spiritual and personal growth, strengthen interpersonal and family relationships, and help you manage other challenges of daily life. From Christian counseling you can expect outcomes such as. . .

                • Healed, wholesome relationships
                • Destructive habits having no power over your life
                • Increased productivity in your life
                • Freedom from consuming thoughts of worry or depression
                • Renewed sense of confidence and self-worth
                • A deeper, more meaningful relationship with God

The benefits can be huge
And the potential for tremendous growth is real!

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I look forward to working with you.


Dr. Mary I. Perdue