Next Level Christian Counseling does not accept Insurance .

I am a certified Christian counselor dedicated to bringing inner healing, wholeness and growth to individuals. I specialize in spiritually based solutions therefore a private pay counseling practice. The fees for services are considerably low compared to other insurance paid counseling or therapy services available to you.

When looking for a service that accepts insurance please note: Insurance companies require that a mental health disorder diagnosis be made by the practitioner on behalf of the client in order to provide compensation for services. Understanding that most problems faced by clients are of a spiritual nature and not the result of a mental disorder, so a diagnosis is not required. In addition, any mental health information provided to insurance companies may appear on a client’s permanent health record, which may not be in the client's best interest.

Fees for services are: $50 per one 50 minute session or $225 for five 50 minute sessions if paid in advance.

What value do you place on freedom, mental, emotiional and spiritual wholeness.

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