Marriage Counseling

Has the excitement gone out of your marriage? Do you find yourself feeling like you and your spouse don't share anything in common? Are you battling so much negativity in your marriage that it is beginning to affect the entire family? Are you on the brink of divorce? Don't give up on your marriage! It is worth trying to save that which was once wholesome and beautiful. When there are children involved, it is even more important that you do everything in your power to try and save your marriage. Christian Counseling can start the process of God healing your marriage and it regaining that lost peace and compatibility that it once had. Counseling will help get your marriage back on track .

Does your husband or wife appear unconcerned about the health of your marriage, or maybe he or she seems emotionally unattached? If you see that your spouse is unresponsive to your needs and your requests for help, They may not understand what you are asking for. Even if you feel you have tried everything within your power to make things better, to no avail, help is available. It is possible to find a level of peace, even in an unbalanced marriage.

The world will tell you that divorce is the answer, but God may desire something more for you.

In a marriage, you can only affect your own actions, which can sometimes leave you feeling out of control and alone. As a Christian counselor I can help give you the emotional and spiritual support that you need. Through Christian counseling you will find your spirits being lifted, balance being brought to your life, and increased contentment. Let God work through a Christian counselor to draw you closer to Him and bring you comfort you didn't realize was possible.

Can a someone come to counseling alone if your spouse does not want to come? Absolutely. Counseling will help you understand more about your marriage and yourself. It will give you the support and tools you need to live more peaceably in an unbalanced marriage. Do yourself a favor. Get the help you need.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with
hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

~ Romans 15:13

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