Self Esteem

Developing your self-worth

There are plenty of ways in which you can boost your self-esteem and change to a more positive and healthy outlook about yourself, here are some tips for developing and boosting your self-worth.

  • Don’t take other peoples criticism to heart, instead listen to what they are saying and learn from it.
  • Take some time out for yourself everyday, meditate, look inside yourself and realize all your good points and imagine changing your bad ones into more positive.
  • Celebrate and pride yourself on even the smallest achievements that you accomplish.
  • Do something everyday that you enjoy, such as talking a walk in the sunshine or soaking in a bubble bath.
  • Never deprive yourself of something you enjoy, if you think you shouldn’t be doing it, then do it anyway and stop condemning yourself about it.
  • Talk positively to yourself, repeat affirmations to chase away all of the negative thoughts and feelings.