Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is something many people have a difficult time talking about, but it can have several lasting emotional and psychological effects on adults who have experienced it during their childhood. As this sort of sexual abuse is often perpetrated by trusted adults, the children who experience it usually harbor feelings of betrayal, confusion, and perhaps even some sense of undeserved guilt throughout the course of their lives. This range of emotions can hinder the development of a child well into adulthood, but it's important to note that these feelings aren't the only ones victims might carry with them into their later years. Anxiety, dissociation, depression, and personality disorders are just a few more things that often plague sexual abuse survivors and all of these diagnoses should be treated as very serious clinical matters, regardless as to how the violation occurred.

A lot of victims try their best to forget about the past and move on with their lives.But many soon find out that doing so is extremely difficult to accomplish, especially on their own. "Moving on," is something that's easier said than done for a lot of people with memories as unpleasant as those associated with sexual abuse and for most it can be a very lengthy process. However, with therapy, sexual abuse survivors can eventually come to terms with the trauma and pain they were forced to live with and more importantly, better understand themselves and the changes the abuse may have caused them to undergo at an early age. From communication skills to anger management and everything in-between, therapists and professionals can offer them knowledgeable advice and educated opinions that trusted friends and family members sometimes can't. A trained professional can help survivors grow as people, and reclaim a part of themselves that it seems they might have lost years ago.

If you were the victim of sexual abuse during your childhood, you might be ashamed to come forward and explain your story to someone you've never met, you might feel as if it's too late to talk to a professional (or anyone) about your experiences, or you might just believe that nothing and no one can possibly help you cope with what you've been through. This is simply not true. I am here to help you. You do not have to continue to struggle with the affects of sexual abuse. God is a healer and healing and wholeness awaits you. I understand that the healing process can be hard to start, but the benefits of allowing a Christian counselor address those matters which troubles you, far outweighs the painful silence that accompanies such traumatic experiences. Won't you come forward and allow yourself to be helped? Call now 724-575-2013 to make an appointment, or schedule it online from this website. Phone answers 24 hours. God bless you.